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Constructing a 275ft Fedge  

Sleepy Cat Farm, Greenwich, Connecticut. April 2016

This fedge surrounds a berry patch

This was installed by Michael in one day

Below: The Fedge in October 2016

Plan by Charles J. Stick, Landscape Architect

The planting area is at the top of the green line

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Detail of the planting bed and support structure

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To make the Fedge as stable and rigid as the surrounding structure, we requested a support system to be installed made of rebar and "airplane wire" to tie the rods to.

1000 x 8ft rods of Salix miyabeana were used.

This is the back of a truck used to haul the rods.

The fedge was built on April 23rd, 2016

We started by the entrance gate to the Berry Patch.

Each diagonal is made up of two rods as the owner wanted a bulkier look.

We  requested a double row of drip irrigation alongside the rods. It ran every day for 4 weeks, then weekly in summer.

This is part of the completed fedge; vinyl ties were used wherever the rods crossed the wires.

At the end of the summer all but the top ones were loosened and will be removed in spring.

The top ties will be loosened, but not removed.

I was very happy to see that every rod we put in had thrived--with no losses.

I am sure this was due to the watering schedule as it was such a dry summer.

Some trimming was done in the summer to stop the strong growth at the top of the fedge

and encourage growth lower down. All shoots will be trimmed to about 1in in late winter.

This is the view from within the fruit cage.


of Michael Dodge