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Salix ‘Prairie Cascade(patented)

(pentandra x xsepulcralis)

Prairie Cascade Willow

‘Prairie Cascade’ is a hybrid weeping willow developed by Wilbert Ronald, Morden Experiment Station in Manitoba, Canada by crossing S. x meyeriana (Hybrid Bay or Laurel Willow) with the S. xsepulcralis (Golden Weeping Willow). His goal was a hardier weeping willow and smaller stature than the Golden Weeping Willow parent. ‘Prairie Cascade’ was released in 1981 and it grows as a multi-stemmed tree with golden stems to about 35ft tall and almost as wide. The dark shiny green leaves are larger and darker than other Weeping Willows showing the S. pentandra influence; they are very attractive all summer long. Like other weepers the foliage turns yellow in late Autumn and is held on the tree longer than most other trees. It is a female clone, mine flowered for the first time in 2014.  As I write this in early December in Santa Fe, NM, the only deciduous tree that is still green is a weeping willow (S. x pendulina [babylonica x euxina])! 'Prairie Cascade' is well suited for moist areas, but will grow in almost any type of soil. Unfortunately this willow does not grow well in the humid conditions of the Eastern USA. Like all vigorous trees its root system can be aggressive, so do not plant too close to drainage or septic pipes. Hardy in Zone 3–10.

USES: its smaller size makes it a good choice for smaller yards and as its average growth is about 3ft per year, it won’t need as much pruning as other Weeping Willows to keep it to manageable size. Its year-round attractiveness is also a big plus.



Vigorous growth, shiny dark green leaves and a weeping habit characterize 'Prairie Cascade'

Here are the female catkins that first appeared in the nursery in May 2014.

Clean green leaves; slender twigs, green at first, becoming red in summer. This was an inspired deliberate cross between two lovely Willows.

Here's an internet photo taken in Manitoba, the home of this hybrid.


of Michael Dodge