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Salix purpurea x miyabeana 'Millbrook'

Millbrook Patented Hybrid Willow  

I purchased cuttings of this cross in 2019 and discovered that this hybrid is really vigorous as it grew 5-6 feet in its first year. It was released by the breeding program at SUNY Syracuse and Cornell University. This is a female selection and is a vigorous grower with clean foliage rarely bothered by pests and diseases.

This is an inspired cross as these willows are two of the finest species I grow and the cross is even finer in some ways. For one thing it has inherited the pest resistance and lack of early leaf drop from Salix miyabeana and is deer resistant.

USES: Makes great rods for fine basketry and other art projects; also the rods are great for elegant willow structures such as Harlequin Trees, Domes and Tunnels.

Photos and more info to come!


of Michael Dodge