Scientific Name  K to Z

Salix koreensis   Korean Willow

  selection: Salix koreensis 'Hakuro'   Yellow leaf Korean Willow

Salix koriyanagi (Korean Willow)

  selection:  Salix koriyanagi 'Rubykins'    Ruby Korean Willow

Salix kuznetsovii  (Caucasian Willow)

Salix lasiandra  (Red or Pacific Willow)    

Salix lasiolepis 'Rogue'  (Rogue Arroyo Willow)    

Salix x leucopithecia (gracilistyla x caprea) Giant Pussy Willow


     Salix x leucopithecia 'Black Cat'/'Lubbers Zwart'   patented

     Salix x leucopithecia 'Rabbits Foot'

     Salix x leucopithecia 'Winter Glory'

Salix x ‘Licorice Whip’  (Licorice Whip Willow

Salix ligulifolia 'Placer'   (Western Erect Willow)   USDA Selection

Salix lucida   (Shiny Willow)      

Salix magnifica (Magnolia-leaf Willow)

Salix x meyeriana  (pentandra x fragilis)  Meyers Hybrid Willow


     Salix x meyeriana 'Lumley'   Meyers Willow selection

     Salix x meyeriana 'Patent Lumley'   Meyers Willow selection

     Salix x meyeriana 'Silver Lake'   (Prairie Reflection) patented

Salix miyabeana  Japanese or Miyabe Willow)


     Salix miyabeana 'Arnold Select'  

     Salix miyabeana 'SX61'

     Salix miyabeana 'SX64'

     Salix miyabeana 'SX67'

     Salix miyabeana 'Winter Green'

Salix mollisima         Soft-leaf Willow

Salix myricoides  Blue-leaf or Bayberry Willow   Native


     Salix myricoides 'Bronze Beauty'

Salix myrsinifolia (Green Myrsine-leaf Willow)


     Salix myrsinifolia 'Blackskin'  (Black-stem Willow)

Salix nakaruma 'Yezo-alpina'  (Dwarf Japanese Willow)

Salix nigra (Black Willow)   

Salix nipponica  (Japanese Willow)

Salix paraplesia (Western China)

Salix pellita (Satin Willow)

Salix x pendulina  (Hybrid Weeping Willow)


     Salix x pendulina forma 'Blanda'

     Salix x pendulina f. erythroflexuosa Red-stem Curly Willow

     Salix x pendulina f. erythroflexuosa 'Caradoc'

     Salix x pendulina f. erythroflexuosa 'Golden Curls' Gold-stem Curly Willow

     Salix x pendulina f. erythroflexuosa 'Scarcuzam'

     Salix x pendulina f. erythroflexuosa 'Sunny Twist'  

     Salix x pendulina f. salamonii 'Chrysocoma' Common Weeping Willow

     Salix x 'Prairie Cascade' (Salix pentandra x Salix x pendulina)

     Salix petiolaris (Slender or Meadow Willow)  

     Salix pierotii (Asian White Willow)

     Salix 'Pink Delight' (Salix 'Americana' x Salix eleagnos v. angustifolia)

     Salix planifolia (diamond leaf or plane leaf willow)

     Salix purpurea (Purple Willow)


          Salix purpurea f. sericea

          Salix purpurea '187'

          Salix purpurea 'Bleu'

          Salix purpurea 'Dark Dicks'

          Salix purpurea 'Dicky Meadows

          Salix purpurea 'Eugene'

          Salix purpurea 'Fish Creek'  (patented)

          Salix purpurea 'Goldstones'

          Salix purpurea ‘Gracilis’ (‘Nana')  (Arctic or Dwarf Purple Willow

          Salix purpurea 'Green Dicks'

          Salix purpurea 'Holland'

          Salix purpurea 'Irette'

          Salix purpurea 'Jagiellonka'

          Salix purpurea 'Lambertiana'

          Salix purpurea 'Leicestershire Dicks'        

          Salix purpurea 'Light Dicks'

          Salix purpurea 'Multinervis' (this cultivar name is inaccurate)

          Salix purpurea 'Nancy Saunders'

          Salix purpurea     HYBRIDS:

               Salix purpurea x Salix koriyanagi 'Onondaga' (patented)

               Salix purpurea x Salix miyabeana 'Oneida'     (patented)

               Salix purpurea x Salix miyabeana 'Millbrook'  (patented)

     Salix pyrifolia     (Pear-leaf Willow)  

     Salix reinii   (Rein's Willow)

     Salix repens 'Arenaria' Silver Creeping Willow

     Salix repens 'Buechler' Buechler's Silver Willow

     Salix rosmarinifolia  Rosemary Willow (true)


          Salix rosmarinifolia x Salix viminalis 'Alexander'

          Salix rosmarinifolia x Salix microstachya

      Salix rorida  Pink-bud Willow


          Salix rorida 'Seoraksan'          

      Salix x rubra (purpurea x viminalis) Hybrid Redstem Willow

          selections: Salix x rubra 'Harrisons'

                        Salix x rubra 'Harrisons B'

      Salix schwerinii (Schwerin's Willow)

      Salix sericea (Silky Willow)  

      Salix serissima (Autumn Willow)   

      Salix x smithiana (caprea x viminalis) Smith's hybrid Willow

      Salix suchowensis (Suchow Willow, Korea)


     Salix suchowensis x S. leocopithecia (Hybrid Korean Willow)

      Salix tenuijulis (Narrow Catkin Willow, Korea)

     Salix 'The Hague' (xerdingeri x gracilistyla)

      Salix triandra (Almond Willow)


          Salix triandra 'Black Hollander'

          Salix triandra 'Black Maul'

          Salix triandra 'Black Maul' x 'Grisette Noir'

          Salix triandra 'Noir de Villaine'

          Salix triandra 'Kadriorg'

          Salix triandra 'Whissender'

     Salix udensis (Uden Willow)


          Salix udensis 'Golden Sunshine' (patented)

          Salix udensis 'Sekka' (Dragon-tail Willow)

          Salix udensis x miyabeana 'Conastoga' (patented)

     Salix viminalis (Osier Willow)


          Salix viminalis 'Bowhayes Strain A'

          Salix viminalis 'Bowhayes Strain male'

          Salix viminalis 'Bowles Hybrid'? not certain about this ID

          Salix viminalis x miyabeana 'Ostico' (patented)

Why Use Scientific Names?

In different parts of the country and different parts of the world common names for plants differ which causes confusion. Scientific or Latin names are standard wherever you go. Not all plants have common names, but they all have scientific names!



of Michael Dodge

Scientific Name  A to I

Salix acutifolia          Sharp-leaf Willow


     Salix acutifolia 'Blue Streak'

     Salix acutifolia 'Moscow Cascade'

     Salix acutifolia 'Pendulifolia'

Salix acmophylla     Willow of the Brook

Salix aegyptiaca     Musk Willow

Salix alba     White Willow


     Salix alba var. caerulea     Cricket-bat Willow

     Salix alba 'Laurina'   Laurina White Willow

     Salix alba 'Raesfeld   Raesfield White Willow

     Salix alba var. sericea     Silver Willow

     Salix alba 'Siberica'          Weeping Silver Willow

     Salix alba 'Siberica Vihdinpolun Weeping'  Weeping Silver Willow

     Salix alba ‘Silver Column'     Upright Silver Willow          

     Salix alba 'St Oedenrode'     Upright Silver Willow

     Salix alba forma vitellina     Red or Yellow Stem Willow


     Salix alba f. vitellina 'Aurea'          

     Salix alba f. vitellina 'Basfordiana'

     Salix alba f. vitellina 'Belgian Red'

     Salix alba f. vitellina ‘Bouton Aigu’

     Salix alba f. vitellina ‘Britzensis’

     Salix alba f. vitellina 'Cardinal'

     Salix alba f. vitellina 'Chermesina'

     Salix alba f. vitellina 'Flame'

     Salix alba f. vitellina 'Flame Yellow'

     Salix alba f. vitellina ‘Flanders Red’

     Salix alba f. vitellina ‘Fransgeel Rood'

     Salix alba f. vitellina ‘Golden Willow'

     Salix alba f. vitellina ‘Hutchinson's Yellow Bark’

     Salix alba f. vitellina ‘Jaune de Falaise'

     Salix alba f. vitellina ‘Rouge Ardennais

     Salix x 'Americana'    Hybrid Willow

Salix amygdaloides     Peach-leaf Willow

Salix arbusculoides     Little-tree Willow

Salix x 'Aquatica Gigantea 'Germany'          Hybrid Willow female

Salix x 'Aquatica Gigantea 'Korso'          Hybrid Willow female

Salix atrocinerea     Rusty Willow  INVASIVE

Salix aurita x viminalis (educated guess!) Hybrid Willow

Salix babylonica     Chinese Weeping Willow


     Salix babylonica 'Oberli'     Oberli Nepalese Weeping Willow

     Salix babylonica forma tortuosa     Dragon's Claw Willow

     Salix babylonica f. tortuosa 'Bijdorp'       Bijdorp Curly Willow

     Salix babylonica f. tortuosa ‘Dart's Snake'  Snake or Curly Willow

     Salix babylonica f. umbraculifera 'Navajo'  Globe Willow

Salix x balfourii     Balfour Hybrid Willow

Salix x 'Bankers'     Bankers Hybrid Willow

Salix barratiana     Barrat's Willow

Salix bebbiana         Bebb's Willow

Salix bockii               Chinese Autumn Willow

Salix x calliantha   Beautiful Willow

Salix x calodendron     Holme Willow

Salix candida     Sageleaf Willow

Selection:    Salix candida 'George Newman'

Salix cantabrica    Cantabrian (Spanish) Willow     

Salix caprea    Pussy Willow or Goat Willow


     Salix caprea 'Lemoines Improved'          'Lemoines' Pussy Willow

     Salix caprea 'Ogon'     Gold-leaf Pussy Willow, Japan

     Salix caprea ‘Pendula'     Weeping Pussy Willow

     Salix caprea ‘Pendula Kilmarnock'          Kilmarnock Weeping Willow

     Salix caprea ‘Rosea'     Pink Pussy Willow

     Salix caprea 'Florist Select'         Florist Pussy Willow

     Salix caprea x cinerea? 'S365'     Hybrid Pussy Willow

     Salix caprea subspecies sphacelata     Tree Pussy Willow

Salix caroliniana     Carolina Willow

Salix chaenomeloides          Quince-leaf Willow

Salix cinerea Gray willow

     selection: Salix cinerea 'Variegata' Variegated Gray Willow

Salix columbiana 'Multnomah'     Columbia River Willow

Salix cordata     Heart-leaf Willow

Salix daphnoides European Violet Willow


     Salix daphnoides 'Arkadia'     Arkadia Violet Willow

     Salix daphnoides 'Continental Purple'     Continental Purple Willow

     Salix daphnoides 'Oritkari' Yellow Stem Daphne Willow

     Salix daphnoides 'Ovaro Udine'      Italian Violet Willow

     Salix daphnoides 'Oxford Violet' Oxford Violet Willow

     Salix daphnoides 'Red Rocket'     Red Stem Daphne Willow

     Salix daphnoides x rorida     Hybrid Willow

Salix xdasyclados  (see S. gmelinii)

Salix discolor     American Pussy Willow

     selection: Salix discolor 'USDA Select'     USDA Select Pussy Willow

Salix drummondiana     Drummond's Willow

Salix x ehrhartiana     Ehrhart's Hybrid Willow

Salix eleagnos       Rosemary Willow

     selection: Salix eleagnos f. angustifolia Rosemary Willow

Salix x erdingeri   Hybrid Willow

Salix eriocephala   Wooly-head Willow, Missouri Willow


     Salix eriocephala 'American MacKay' 'American Mackay' Willow     

     Salix eriocephala ‘Russelliana'     'Russelliana' Willow                             

     Salix eriocephala S25 'Vigorella'  S25 hybrid willow

Salix exigua          Coyote Willow

Salix fragilis          Crack Willow


     Salix fragilis 'Bullata'          Round-Headed Crack Willow

Salix fragilis 'River Cloud'     River Cloud Crack Willow

Salix geyeriana          Geyer's Willow

Salix glabra           Smooth Willow

Salix gmelinii     Gmelin's Willow

Salix goodingii      Gooding's Willow     

Salix gracilistyla     Rose-gold Pussy Willow


     Salix gracilistyla 'Mt Aso' 'Mt Aso' Willow

     Salix gracilistyla 'Melanostachys'  Black Pussy Willow

Salix 'Harrison's Brown'      Harrisons Brown Willow

Salix hastata     Halberd Willow

     selection: Salix hastata 'Wehrhahnii'  Dwarf Halberd Willow

Salix hookeriana     Hooker's Willow


     Salix hookeriana 'Clatsop'

     Salix hookeriana 'Piper'

Salix x holosericea  (cinerea x viminalis)  Hybrid Willow

Salix humilis     Gray, Upland, or Prairie Willow

Salix x SV1 'Lady in Green'  Hybrid Willow

Salix integra Smooth Willow


     Salix integra 'Flamingo'  Pink-leaf Smooth Willow

'     Salix integra 'Hakuro Nishiki  Variegated Smooth Willow

     Salix integra 'Pendula'  Weeping Smooth Willow

Salix irrorata  Bluestem Willow


     Salix irrorata 'Violet Beauty' Violet Bluestem Willow

Salix species, cultivars and hybrids.

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